5 Table Setting Ideas for Everyday

1. Choose Casual Materials
An everyday table setting calls for laid back tones and materials. Choose casual dishware made from stoneware or earthenware. These materials are easy to maintain and come in a variety of colors. Keep your kitchen table setting fresh with inviting neutral tones that pair perfectly with a wood table.

2. Create a Color Scheme
As you create your dinner table setting, try mixing and matching various shades. Bring more color to the table with a cohesive color palette that ranges from three to four colors and builds on the space’s aesthetic. We love how this dining table setting uses white-and-black marble plates as a neutral base and layers color over top with terracotta napkins and brass flatware.

3. Add a Table Runner
Looking for table setting ideas that don’t require new dishware? Covering your table in a runner or tablecloth adds color, design, and an easy solution to protecting surfaces from heat damage or spills. Choose two or three different patterns and materials to switch out on a rotation when laundry day comes along. Opt for a plastic or vinyl tablecloth or runner to make cleanup easy.

4. Make Your Setting Pop With Placemats
Sometimes choosing a color scheme for dishware can be tough, especially if your kitchen or dining room leans more neutral. Start with white dishware and use your placemats to add a pop of color and texture. For a rustic table setting, opt for a woven rattan or jute placemat. For a traditional-style table, try cotton placemats with a bold pattern. If your style leans more modern, consider a vinyl finish.

5. Refresh Your Dishware
A new dishware set can instantly elevate your table setting. Choose your design and finish based on your aesthetic: a marble pattern is perfect for glam and modern spaces, faded solid colors create a rustic feel, and geometric designs lean traditional or farmhouse. We love how the vibrant turquoise dishware pairs well with mustard napkins and brass flatware – it adds depth and contrasts nicely against the blonde wood dining table.