The 2023 Trend Report

Meet the interior design trends you’ll spy everywhere, according to the experts.

Calling all forever fans of interior design. Our Annual Trend Report is back for a third year in a row, and this time we’ve recruited interior designers Becki Owens, Angela Wheeler, and Kirsten Blazek; home influencer Katie Staples; and in-house style experts Jennifer Pace and Jessica Ginsberg to report along with us.

We’ve pored over search data, scoured the market with our buyers, and identified the interior design and furniture trends you’ll see everywhere in 2022. So sit back, keep reading, and add to cart. Unlike in your average trend report, everything is shoppable and ships free and fast.

We’ve spent more time at home over the past two years than ever, and the design world has shifted in response. Minimalist setups are being replaced by an overarching feeling of comfort and calm. We call it “dream state.” Keep reading below to discover how to create a restful feeling in any room.

Adding curved furniture and decor is the perfect way to balance out hard lines, like a long hallway or a corner reading nook. “Most rooms are rectangular or square so they inherently have a harder geometry to them,” says interior designer Kirsten Blazek. “And when you can soften the lines with curves, the whole room becomes warmer and more welcoming.” To round out the look in your space, we’re all about a curvy swivel chair or sofa, an arched mirror, or even rounded versions of pieces that are traditionally angular, like consoles, coffee tables, or bookcases.

If you’re like us and can’t get enough of dreamy spaces, create a zen and cozy bedroom that’s perfect for curling up – or kicking back. Choose a bed that truly feels special; this will give the whole room an indulgent, get-ready-to-relax feel. Add a hint of sheen; a little shimmer can go a long way when you want your bedroom to feel heavenly. Try out a sparkly glass chandelier or a shagreen bedside table. And don’t forget to roll out a comfy rug – something soft underfoot is a sublime touch. Consider a high-pile shag rug in a quiet color, like a neutral or muted pastel. Finish your dreamy bedroom with a luxe lounger. A comfortable place to perch is key to completing this calming space.

Designers have long recognized that natural materials and room accents (a rattan chair, a jute rug, a woven pendant) can help ground a space. But what’s different about the new natural accents seen in this top furniture trend? This year, nature is bolder than ever. Grainy wood and other natural materials get a wake-up call in black. Botanicals are popping up where you least expect them. It’s fresh, it’s approachable, and we can’t get enough. Discover how we’re breaking down this trend in two parts, below.

Bring this nature-inspired interior design trend home in the new year with unexpected pieces. Look for sculptural silhouettes in natural materials, like this accent chair. And don’t be afraid of black and bold finishes. Rattan, bamboo, and ceramic are reinventing themselves in surprising ways when seen in shiny or matte black.

Whether on prairie dresses or romantic wallpaper, florals have taken over our Instagram feeds these past few years. (Thanks, cottagecore.) But this year? They’re less sweet and more sculptural. Floral lighting is springing up everywhere, from chandeliers and sconces to statement pendants. Meanwhile, garden-inspired wallpaper prints are less ditsy and more sophisticated.

Spending more time at home has given us all a new view on what makes a well-styled room. Turns out, it’s less about “playing it safe” and more about being playful – choosing what furniture and interior design trends work for you, whether it’s a piece of art hung at a surprising height, a bold-patterned rug, or a whimsically shaped lamp that makes you smile when you walk in. Customize your space with unexpected details and a personal touch or two. Explore the key elements of this trend below.

Subdued neutral schemes aren’t going anywhere (thankfully), but according to Becki Owens, “soft and inviting” shades are suddenly popping onto the design scene too. Rust, blush, marigold, and terracotta are the big ones. For the best results, stick with one general color “type” throughout your home à la Kirsten Blazek. “I wouldn’t use cool colors in one room and warm ones in the room right next door, for example,” Blazek says. “You want a color story that flows from room to room.”