5 Ways to Update a Neutral Space With a Greige Color Palette

Gray + Beige = Greige

1. Sneak a Warm Greige into a Cool-Toned Room
One of our favorite things about working with a greige color palette is its chameleon-like quality. If you feel like your cool- or warm-toned room needs a little contrast, bring in the greige. This bedroom gets a slight raise in temperature with the help of a warm-toned greige area rug. The greige rug lightens up a room grounded in cool-toned blues, browns, and ivory. Give your space a hint of warmth with one or two greige accent pieces like an area rug, ottoman, or smaller decor like a vase or decorative bowl.

2. Add an Accent Color
Greige shades are the perfect accent color to pair with bolder hues. Because greige is a hybrid neutral with the ability to make warm and cool tones pop, it’s the perfect shade for anyone who loves a redesign every now and then. We love how the greige bedding, headboard, and wall paint lets the moss green coverlet and faux plants make the statement, but still adds depth and a comfort. Switch your accent color seasonally and see how your greige base adapts.

3. Mix Greiges
Take decorating with greige to the next level by layering with greige-on-greige. Since greige is a mix of two colors, it can lean more gray or beige depending on how it’s layered. Find different tones of greige and layer them for a space that’s soft and comforting. Start big-picture with a warm greige wallpaper pattern and move down in scale with a greige sofa and accent chairs. Add a greige floor lamp, decor, and throw pillows. Give the room some definition by adding in a few accent colors that lean totally cool or warm, like these warm camel-colored throw pillows or the cool black stone coffee tables.

4. Choose a Warm Greige
Warm greiges can be used anywhere you’d use a standard beige but it allows you to add other warm elements without turning the room too yellow. Lean into a warm-toned greige room with furniture and decor that’s rich in texture and vibrant color. Be bold and intentional with pattern and color choice to create a cozy yet lively space. We love how this greige-colored living room plays with pattern: The Moroccan rug, capiz end table, and eclectic throw pillows all add design while still meshing perfectly with the room’s greige color palette.

5. Go Greige & Gold
Give your greige the glamorous accent it deserves with touches of gold. We love how the greige walls and breakfast table allow the antique-inspired gold accents of the chandelier and picture frames to shine while providing a softness that a stark white can’t. If you’ve been trying to find pieces to fit around a statement metallic but don’t want it to look harsh, greige is your go-to base.