How To Style A Console Table

For such a small piece of furniture, a console table gets high points for versatility. Whether it sits in your entryway, living room, or bedroom, it’s easy to style a console table that complements your home. Take a peek below for a few inspirational ideas on how to style a console table and make it work with your lifestyle.

Choose one statement piece – bold artwork, an oversize mirror, or a table clock – to place above your console table to help visually anchor it to the wall. Think of this statement piece as the heaviest object – you want it to make your table pop while centering it in place. Add simple decor accents or faux plants to create a complete look.

Create visual interest on your console table by showcasing objects of varying heights. You could try this with a trio of candles or vases. Another option is to include one tall object like a globe, sculpture, or decorative planter for a touch of drama.

Lamps and candles are an unexpected way to add texture to your console table. The light will reflect off each piece of decor and add depth to your space. Choose a boldly colored lamp or go retro with an arched metal lamp. Pair it with metal picture frames, sculptures, or terrariums to add versatility to your console table decor. If your table is on the smaller side, opt for twin wall sconces to save space.

You don’t have to be a minimalist to style a console table. There are plenty of storage solutions to make your space look beautiful and tidy. We love this look because it has baskets for added storage and a drawer for hiding loose items. There’s no right or wrong way to fill your shelves – our only tip is to overlap a few items so that their placement feels natural.

Picking out matching or color-coordinated lamps, sculptures, or decorative boxes creates a thoughtful, balanced look. It also streamlines your space to look uncluttered and artful. This works with wall art, too. Simply place a few pieces of framed art side by side for a creative look. If you have children, let them create the artwork for you!